Silvina Machado & Héctor Corona

Her dance combines elements of classic and modern tango. The close embrace and musical creativity are important to them and an essential part of their lessons and their own dancing.

Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Panero

Based in Italy, Matteo & Patricia represent the growing standards of excellence in European Tango. They enrich their elegant Tango Salon style with innovative elements, full of fantasy and musicality. For them, tango is a culture that speaks to an internal human need. They share this culture in an atmosphere of friendship and warmth created through their good humour and charisma.

Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella

In addition to the structure, we always see something that captures our attention: it is the little things that make the simple things unique and the simple movements of our tango exceptional.

Angela Sallat & Andreas Küttner

Angela & Andreas are at home in the »alma en vuelo« in Leipzig.

In their lessons they value the connection in the couple, the real understanding of the roles in leading and following and the structured mediation of the varied improvisation in the dance. As teachers, it is particularly important to them that every dancer feels comfortable in his body and can move relaxed in his axis.

Susanne Opitz & Rafael Busch

Susanne & Rafael are one the most know german tango couples. They lead in Berlin one of the biggest tango school in berlin: „Dancing tango makes you beautiful“ since 2009 and give work for an international team of 10 teachers.