Angela & Andreas are at home in the »alma en vuelo« in Leipzig.

In their lessons they value the connection in the couple, the real understanding of the roles in leading and following and the structured mediation of the varied improvisation in the dance. As teachers, it is particularly important to them that every dancer feels comfortable in his body and can move relaxed in his axis.

Part of her teaching is a bodywork that clears the head and prepares and trains the body for more lightness, elasticity, naturalness and elegance. They know how to guide their students in the process of learning with mindfulness and to motivate them again and again.

For many years, they have not only been teaching together in alma en vuelo, but also conducting workshops and seminars as guest teachers, appearing as a show couple on a variety of occasions and successfully organizing tango trips in various beautiful locations.

Angela has been a passionate tango dancer since 1998 and founded "alma en vuelo" in 2003. Longer stays in Buenos Aires, working with many tango maestros on site and in Germany, as well as her training and experience with various methods of therapy, bodywork and contemporary dance have shaped both her dance and her lessons.
In class she delights with her warmth and open nature. She accompanies her students with precision, mindfulness and in a very sensitive way.
Since 2010 she works intensively with Andreas, in class, on tango travels, as well as on stage.
"Tango touches you inside, challenging you to meet yourself, uncompromising and immediate."

Andreas has been teaching in alma since 2010. His dance and teaching are marked by numerous teachers from home and abroad. He also incorporates his studies and his many years of experience as a singer into his lessons. Thus presence, musicality and breathing are just as much part of the lesson as clear, relaxed communication in the couple.
In addition, he performs as a singer with numerous Tangoorcherstern, including SIN DUDA, Solo Tango Orquesta and El Cachivache Quinteto on.