When Silvina and Hectór started working together in 1999, they both had a dance education: Hectór as a tango dancer and Silvina in classical and contemporary dance.

In 2001 they moved to Germany for 3 years. They worked as tango teachers until they moved back to Buenos Aires in 2004 and lived there until they moved to Germany again. In Buenos Aires they were members of the dance ensemble and the teaching staff from the beginning of the DNI dance school until 2008. Until they moved to Erfurt in summer 2019, they were teachers at the renowned Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires (ETBA).

Now they live and work in Erfurt and teach at the tango school Esquina del Tango.

Over the past few years they have been on tour for many months, have taken part in international festivals and have given workshops in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Hong Kong.

They have a rich teaching experience, which enables them not only to teach today's tango, the embrace, vals and milonga, but also to exellent education in terms of teaching and methodology. For them, closeness is not only important, but above all to their students.

Her dance combines elements of classic and modern tango. The close embrace and musical creativity are important to them and an essential part of their lessons and their own dancing.